TRIUMF Videoserver

Software Requirements

This video server requires version >= 8.0 of RealPlayer. Many people have one already. If not, you may download a copy from realnetworks, or an Enterprise one for Windows here
A Linux RPM is here.

Non-free versions may allow downloading and recording of streams (where the content provider has enabled this). (Archived content on this site may be downloaded freely using a Web browser.)

Note: RealNetworks are notorious for rearranging their site and making it difficult to find the free player, especially for non-Windows platforms. Currently (2012) it is here: Windows, Mac, Linux,Solaris

Ifyou have realplayer but the plugin is not working, you can enter this command to view live video:

realplay rtsp://

Alternate Players

The Real codecs are/were proprietary. However, MPlayer can be built with support for Real audio/video, at least on i386 Linux, while "Real Alternative" reportedly works on Windows and includes codecs for Windows Media Player:


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