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11 Feb 2010

All-Hands meeting: RealVideo, AVI, MPEG

26 June 2009

All-Hands meeting: Video (first minute), Video, Slides

17 Dec 2007

TUG 07, Video archive, Slides

1 Feb 2007: Bycast software - Moe_Kermani Stream Download RTSP

6 Dec 2006

TUG 06, Video archive

30 Nov 2006: Evolution, Intelligent Design, and SSHRC - Brian Alters Stream (RTSP) Stream (HTTP) Download

May 2006: Lidia Stream Download

15 Dec 2005: Comp # 986 Stream Download

5 Dec 2005

TUG 2005 Video Archive

Dec 9-10 2004

EEC Video Archive

Dec 8 2004

TUG 2004 Video Archive

June 25 2004

Reda Tafirout - Production of Dilepton Events at CDF Stream Download

June 23 2004

Isabel Trigger - Muon Spectrometer for ATLAS Stream Download

June 14 2004

EMMA Review Stream Download

December 11-12 2003

EMMA - Agenda
Video Archive

December 10 2003

TUG 2003
Video Archive

December 5 2003

Casting Light on Antimatter: Fundamental Physics with Cold Antihydrogen (PDF) - Makoto Fujiwara (RIKEN)

December 2 2003

Grid Computing for the LHC: A Practical Example (PDF) - John White (Helsinki Institute of Physics)

December 1 2003

Very Small Asymmetries and the Weak Interaction - Gregory Mitchell

November 26 2003

"Raphael Galea - Muon Cooling"
Part 1 Stream download 75Mb
Part 2 Stream download 133Mb

November 24 2003

Larry Lee Parity violation in e-p scattering: The "G0" and "Qweak" Experiments at JLAB Video

November 14 2003

Production of Dilepton Events at CDF (PDF) Video: Stream download 200Mb

October 20-24 2003

PowerPoint files are available in the Agenda page.
Video Archive

11 June 2003

ISAC II Opening Ceremonies

11 Dec 2002

TRIUMF Users' Group AGM

25 October 2002

Pro-D day for Science Teachers

15 October 2002

ATLAS Lightpath Test
(shift-click to download)

There is some construction noise picked up by the wall-mounted microphones, and the camera is pointing at a blank screen for the first couple of minutes. It gets better later (honest). The seminar is about an hour, but there is another hour of dead video following as the capture process was not stopped when intended.
Embedded version with media seek links

13 May 2002

MOFIA Tutorial
(shift-click to download)

29 April 2002

Workshop on Radioisotope Therapy with Alpha-emitters

Archived video:

TUG 2001

There is a recording of the TUG AGM available from, I think, about 11am. (This is a 1.3Gb file). Seeking within the file is possible.

Discovery Channel

The Discovery.CA video from January 26, 2002 is avaliable here in ASF (Windows media player) format. From the Discovery.CA page here (which crashes some browsers). (There is a media player for Linux (mplayer) but it doesn't come with RedHat).

Andrew Daviel

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